Beautiful Maroon Comforter Sets

Wonderful Bed with Maroon Comforter Sets

Duvet covers are purchased just like any bedding. If you have a full-size comforter, you need a full-size duvet cover. A queen-sized duvet cover does not work well on a full-size comforter, because the comforter will move around the inside of the cover, grouping and creating an unattractive look and feel. Maroon comforter sets covers come in Egyptian cotton, silk, microfiber, micro suede and even flannel. Basically, a duvet cover comes in whatever material you would find a quilt. They can be purchased separately or part of a set that includes pillow cases and a bed skirt.

Maroon comforter sets work as giant-sized pillow cases for your quilt. By keeping your quilt in a duvet cover, your duvet stays clean. You can also change the look of your room in a matter of minutes when changing the comforter cover. A simple way to put a quilt cover on your quilt requires the use of twill tape, which looks like a flat, woven tape and comes in linen, cotton, wool or polyester. Look at hospital gowns for an example of how twill ribbon ties work to close dresses. Buy inexpensive cloth tape in cloth stores.

An easy way to put a maroon comforter sets. Twill tape 1 Cut into eight pieces in 8-inch lengths. You will use these pieces as the bows of your quilt and quilt cover. Turn the wrong side duvet cover out. Sew a twill ribbon tie in the seam for all the comforter corners. Sew a twill ribbon loop on each corner of the quilt Place the duvet cover on the bed, keeping it upside down Open the quilt cover to the end. Depending on the construction of the duvet cover, you may need to unzip or unbutton it. Place the quilt on top of the open duvet cover.