100 Cotton Comforter Sets King

Wash a Cotton Comforter Sets in Hot Water

When you have saved good money for a beautiful cotton comforter sets from your bed, the last thing you want to do is spoil. And if you wash in hot water, the quilt will shrink to a size more appropriate for your daughter’s dollhouse bed. If your large capacity washer and dryer, wash the comforter at home if proper instructions are followed. Wash a cotton comforter sets in hot water with detergent. Depending on the colors in your quilt, it is essential to choose the right detergent. After checking the care label, select a mild or gentle detergent. Regular detergent will also clean your quilt, but the chemicals may fade color or designs.

If you have a large capacity washing machine, it is possible to wash your cotton comforter sets at home. But if you have time and a few dollars more, consider washing your quilt on a commercial machine to your local laundry. The large capacity, front loading machines will do a good job of cleaning for you. Whether for a commercial home or machine select the smooth stir setting and adjust the temperature of the water to cool or warm. If your quilt is especially large or bulky, you may have to run through the rinse cycle twice to remove all traces of soap.

Select the gentle cycle of the dryer, or one that uses a low heat setting. Mix in a pair of tennis balls or clean tennis shoes with rubber soles to help the fluff from the comforter. And cotton comforter sets care. Once per quarter, cool your quilt in the tumble dryer by fluffing it in a gentle cycle at low temperature, with tennis balls or tennis shoes with rubber soles and a hair blade. Try to wash your comforter twice a year, and have it professionally cleaned once a year. If you invest in a duvet cover that slides over your comforter, your quilt will last longer.