Anthropologie Duvet Cover Queen

Make Your Own Simple Queen Size Duvet Covers

Give your bedroom a new look or give an old comforter a new life – by making your own simple queen size duvet covers. Duvet covers work as covers for the inserts below, quilts or quilts. Once done, large duvet covers can cost as much or more than a new quilt. Making your own is less complicated than you think, and costs much less. You can decide to make one for each station. Make your own simple queen size duvet covers, measure the width and length of your upper part with a mattress, flexible measuring tape of the cloth. Do not pull the tape tight. Follow the contours of the mattress, including any curve or swelling up, which is called the mattress loft.

Measure from the top edge of the mattress to the place you want the duvet cover to the end, which is called the drop. The queen size duvet covers should end somewhere below the bottom edge of the mattress. Fold the drop and add the width of the mattress. Add 1 inch to the total width of the finished duvet cover. Add the falling length of the mattress, and then add 1/2 inch to the length of the finished queen size duvet covers. Cut two flat sheets to the width finished by the final length with a pair of scissors. Cut the sheets so that the pre-hemmed cups of the sheets become the head of the quilt cover.

Adjust the sides of swivel of the snap band 3/4 inch together. Put the cut sheet on the bottom right side of the down comforter cover. Pin the side of the snap band cap to the top edge of the snap shut sheet upward with the top and sides aligned. Remove the presser foot from the sewing machine and replace it with the zipper foot, according to the instructions of your sewing machine manual. The zipper foot keeps the snaps trapped as you sew. Place the bottom quilt cover snap-side up on the sewing machine. Place the lower quilt cover right side up. Place the queen size duvet covers the top of the right side down on top of it with the edges aligned.