Comforter Sets Martha Stewart

Instructions for Washing a Martha Stewart Comforter Sets

Martha Stewart comforter sets are not made of feathers; below is the material on the bottom of the birds that helps them keep warm in the water and cool in the summer. The bottom comes from any of the ducks or geese. Down comforters are generally expensive, especially those of good quality. The important things you should know when choosing a down comforter are threads and fill with energy. Thread count refers to the material that covers the down. Get one with a high density of threads. Fill power is the amount of space an ounce from below carries up and is a good measure of insulation. When buying a quilt that is also important to get a good guarantee.

Feather duvets should not be washed often, maybe once every five years. Some manufacturers or distributors only recommend professional cleaning, but with proper care that can be washed by the average person. Quilts need a lot of space when they are washed to avoid being damaged and broken in the machine. If you are going to wash your Martha Stewart comforter sets yourself, it is best to take it to a laundry that has a large front loading washer. Use a non-bleach detergent. Washing your quilt can shrink the third to five percent. Do not wash a quilt if it seems too old or worn.

The quilt will smell funny after washing, but this is normal and disappears after it dries. It is very important to completely dry the Martha Stewart comforter sets. This can take many hours and must be done in a large commercial dryer. Put a tennis ball in one or more socks and place it in the dryer to help keep the quilt sponged while it dries. To prevent your burned down comforter, remove it from the dryer and lint it from time to time.