13 Inch Queen Bed Skirt Quilted

Instructions for a Removable Quilted Bed Skirt

A removable quilted bed skirt adds a designer touch to the bedroom when coordinated with linens, pillows, wallpaper and curtains. Because this bed skirt is detachable, it can be removed quickly from bed to money. Sew on several of these attractive bed skirts for each bed in the house and change them out seasonally adjusted. This project, for a 60-inch from 80-inch queen-size bed, does not require any special sewing skills, but is best achieved with a sewing machine

Measure the exact size of the queen size box spring. Use width and length measurements to determine the size of the quilted bed skirt platform that will be placed between the spring box and the mattress. Add two inches to each measurement. Turn each edge over 1/4 inch twice, and pin to edges. Put the loop part of the hook and loop loose to the mussel platform, 1/8 inch from each edge, with a line of zigzag top and bottom of the ribbon. Measure the length of the skirt falling from the mattress on the floor. Cut the bed skirt fabric to the measurement, adding two inches to the edges. The width of the finished queen-size bed skirt will be about 220 inches.

Place the upper and lower edge of the bed skirt by turning the edges over 1/4 inch twice, pinching and sew with a straight stitch. Tighten the upper tension of the sewing machine and practice collecting material on lightweight scrap fabric. This may take some time but when mastered, will save a tremendous amount of time during the skirt collection process. Use the tight tension method to collect the quilted bed skirt fabric to about a double volume. Put the hook part of the hook and loop loose to the wrong side of top of the quilted bed skirt, 1/8 inch from the edge. Secure the ribbon with zigzag zipper lines at the top and bottom of the ribbon.