Bed Skirt Alternatives Decor

Ideas to Hold Bed Skirt Alternatives

Bed skirt alternatives is both functional and decorative. Pretty ruffles or patterns make a bed more attractive while hiding the storage space below the record. However, the fabric tends to move, especially while placing the mattress on top of the spring frame, and that can ruin the overall effect. Fortunately, there are methods you can use to keep a bed skirt in place. These methods involve the use of inexpensive materials that you may already have at home. Remove the spring mattress from the box and place it away from the bed frame. You may need someone to help you.

Bed skirt alternatives, measure the length and width of the spring mattress. Cut two strips of hook and loop tape that are equal to the length of the bed and two strips that are equal to the width. For example, if the bed is 8 feet by 5 feet, you will have two strips that are 8 feet long and two that are 5 feet long. one separately from the hook and loop strips. Apply the fabric cement to the back of the middle of the strip and press it along an upper edge of the spring mattress. Repeat the procedure for half of the remaining strips. Let the cement dry.

Place the bed skirt alternatives on the spring box and determine where it can come in contact with the strips on the spring mattress. Fix the remaining strips to the appropriate areas on the back side of the bed skirt. Remove the skirt to iron the strips on the fabric. Place the skirt of the bed in the spring of the box and press the matching strips together. Use bed threaded skirt pins if you prefer a faster solution. Place the skirt of the bed in the spring of the box and make sure it is arranged as you wish. Push the tip of a bed skirt pin through the fabric in a corner of the bed and by the corner of the box spring.