Antique Style White Lace Bed Skirt

Ideas of Measure for Lace Bed Skirt

A skirt of the bed is both functional and decorative. Pretty ruffles or patterns make a bed more attractive while hiding the storage space below the record. However, the fabric tends to move, especially while placing the mattress on top of the spring frame, and that can ruin the overall effect. The measurement of a lace bed skirt is not as difficult as it may seem. You will have to remove the mattress or have someone with a strong back to do it for you. For measure lace bed skirt, remove the mattress from the bed, placing it safely out of your way.

Then measure the length and width of your box spring with your tape measure. Write these measurements on your paper. Measure the fall of the box spring. This is the height from the ground to the top edge of the box spring. Write this measure on paper. If the spring / bed box is in bands, measure all the way to the floor. You are going to want to hide the bands. Determine what size your spring measures and fall into buying the closest size. If the bed is in bands and its fall is more than 15 to 16 inches, you may have to buy from a specialized store that supplies and leave edges of the bed or make your own.

Tips and warnings for measure lace bed skirt, bed edges typically have a liner attached to the skirt. The lining is placed gently on top of the box spring, with the skirt around the outside of the bed hiding the legs of the bed. The mattress on the bed is placed on top of the bed skirt lining and then made properly with sheets, blankets, and a comforter, duvet or bedspread. Bed skirts that are connected through Velcro around the edge of the spring Boxes can also be bought and they are often less money than buying a full bed skirt.