Beautiful Kids Duvet Covers

Ideas For Make Kids Duvet Covers

Kids duvet covers allowing you to change decoration styles easily. The tastes of children change frequently and having the skills to create this decorative and easy element can really come handy. and for make kids duvet covers, measure the existing bed with the measurement or criteria tape. Calculate how large your pieces of fabric for the cover will be by adding 1 inch on three sides and 2 inches on the remaining side. The one extra inch on all three sides will be used as the seam allowance when sewing. The two extra inches at the end of the fourth part will have ribbons added to it and will be lowered to make a neat hem.

Then for make kids duvet covers, cut the fabric according to the size calculated. Lay the right fabric facing one on top of the other. Using the straight pins, light all three sides with the additional 1/2 inch added for sewing. Sew subsidized these three sides fixed with a 1/2 inch seam. Fold the remaining inside of folded edges towards the wrong side of the fabric, 1/2 inch. Fold again and another 1/2 inch. These two parts will be the opening and these folds, when stitching, neat hems. Before sewing the hemmed edges, take the tape or yard stick measured and measured along the hem and mark with straight pins in six equal intervals, starting and stopping at each corner.

Pieces of ribbon pin, six on each side where the intervals have been marked. Place the ribbons under the double folded hem with the tail of the ribbon stretched towards the thickness of the duvet. These tapes will be tied to the corresponding tape on the other side of the opening and close the cover of the quilt. Sew the hem on both sides of the opening. This seam Keep the ribbons in place. Manage the hand inside the finished quilt, hold the material and pull the inside out, making sure to push the corners outwards. Place the kids duvet covers on the bed.