Coral Baby Bed Skirt

How to Measure the Fabric for a Single Coral Bed Skirt

Coral bed skirt – Yard tables frequently estimate that you will need 4 to 8 yards of fabric for a twin gathered bed skirt. The required amount actually ranges from 3 to 14 yards. There are numerous factors that affect the total height of the bed, fullness skirt bed, fabric pattern and the width of the fabric. Do not assume that you can go for more if you buy too little; lots of colors vary from a bolt to. The proper measurement guarantees that you have enough without any waste. Measure the wide box spring, which will be 38 to 39 inches wide. Next, measure the length of the box spring, which will be 75 inches for a normal twin, or 80 inches for an extra long twin. Measure both with a cloth measuring tape.

Multiply the length of the box spring by two, and then add the width. Multiply the total by two for the rigid or heavyweight fabric. Multiply the total by 2.5 for medium weight cloth lighting. The result is called the working length. Measure the width of the fabric of the coral bed skirt. Divide the working length is executed from step 2 by the width of the fabric. Round up the top unit for the total number of fabric widths you need for sewing together to make the bed skirt.

Measure from the top edge of the box spring on the floor to the finished pendant length of the coral bed skirt in inches, which is called the drop. Add 1 1/2 inches to the drop to allow the hem and headboard the work fall, which is the length at which you can reduce the width of each from step 3. Unroll about 1 yard fabric skirt pin bed, if you have a pattern. Place the unrolled part flat on a work surface. Locate the longitudinal point where the pattern repeats. Measure the length of the pattern for vertical repetition. Measure with a rule; a ruler with L – shaped arm angle works best. Skip this step if you are using the solid fabric for bed skirt.