Yellow Comforter Sets for Bed

How to Make an Easy Yellow Comforter Sets for Double Bed

Yellow comforter sets are composed of three different layers: a decorative front, a warm medium and a backrest that complements the front. The fewer pieces you use for the front of your quilt, the quicker and easier it will be to do. A marriage quilt should measure approximately 84 by 92 inches, although some queen quilts are a bit larger or smaller. You can make your quilt a whole cloth cover by omitting the step of putting the pieces together and starting with a single large piece of decorative fabric for the front.

How to make an easy yellow comforter sets for double bed. Wash and dry all fabrics for the front and back of the quilt. The wadding does not need to be washed. Use the rotary cutting tool, ruler and mat to measure and cut 15-inch squares from the front fabrics. You should be able to get 6 squares per yard of fabric. Cut a total of 42 squares of your fabrics. Place the squares on the floor to organize the yellow comforter sets. Organize the squares into a rectangle that is six squares wide by seven long squares. Sew the first row of squares into a single strip of six squares. Sew the strips together with the right side facing the other. Press the front of the completed quilt.

Spread the extra large sheet on the floor and sprinkle with the fabric adhesive. Spraying 1 foot away with a light and even layer of adhesive. Cover with the marriage batting. Spread the soft batting and center it on the extra large sheet. Spray the batting with the fabric adhesive and the top with the front of the quilt. Move the quilt of the sewing machine and work on one section at a time. Trim the threads and spread the blanket on the floor. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to add the joint to the edge of the quilt, which encloses the raw edges. Use or show your completed yellow comforter sets if you wish.