Best Design Striped Bed Skirt

How Much Need Fabric for Striped Bed Skirt

Striped bed skirt – An adapted bed skirt enhances a modern style of decoration, uses less fabric than a gathered skirt and can be constructed from a wide range of fabrics. Fabrics such as mid-range weights curtains, Perkins, lightweight denim or lightweight upholstery fabric provide the sharpness needed to keep the fabric looking tailored. A measured skirt will typically have a fold at each corner at the foot of the bed. Measure the width and length of the box spring. Measure from the top of the spring frame to the ground. These numbers will be needed to calculate yards required. A typical spring picture of the queen is 76 by 60 inches.

The cover is the fabric that is established between the mattress and the mattress. The striped bed skirt extends from both sides and the lower edge of the cover. The requirement of the cover fabric is a rectangular piece of fabric the same size as the top of the spring mattress plus 1/2 inch on each side of the seams. For example: if your spring measurements 76 inches long and 60 inches wide, the required fabric would be 77 by 61 inches. A flat sheet of marriage is a source of tissue from the cover.

Add the spring length of the box twice to the width of the spring box and add 40 inches. This allows for 18 inches at each corner crease and 2 inches for smaller turnings at the top of the bed. Divide this number by the width of the fabric and round. 250 divided by 45 is equal to 5.5. Round to 6. Multiply 6 times the length of the striped bed skirt plus 2 1/2 (1/2 inches for the haute couture and 2 inches for the hem). For example, if the length of the skirt is 18 plus 2 1/2 would be equal to 20 1/2, multiplied by 6 equals 123. Divide this by 36 (the number of inches in a yard) and round the middle patio nearby.