Bed Skirt Tailored

Fresh Ideas Tailored Bed Skirt

You can sew your own or buy a coordinating skirt with a set of pre-packaged clothes. Although buying a skirt is easier, sewing your own gives you the opportunity to experiment with styles, patterns and materials that are not commercially available. A flat tailored bed skirt is as simple as it gets. The material hangs in a straight line around the entire bed and resembles an extended leaf. Sometimes designers pleat or gather the corners of a flat bed skirt to give dimension and help accommodate the curve material of the bed structure. Other designers maintain the angular lines of the skirt making each side of the bed a separate panel. Wrinkles, stains and tears are particularly evident in the skirts of the flat bed, so be sure to keep them clean and ironed.

Whether they are in your pants or your bed tailored bed skirt, the folds can make three impressions: tailored, voluminous or restless. Bed edges with two or three wide folds on each side of the bed give a fresh, tailored look. The combination of folds and wide, soft fabric is versatile and works well with many different designs of the rooms, although it is especially suitable for deco contemporary motifs and art. Usually, designers opt for box folds or double folds box with this style of skirt. However, you can use a knife or laminated folds to give the skirt more volume and movement. Remember, spacing is crucial with any pleated design. So any style of folds you choose, accurate.

The increase in the number of folds adds volume, drawing attention to the bed, as well as the space on the surrounding floor, which is a good option if you have a large room with attractive plants. But when your folds begin to exceed the amount of stitches in your set of planes, your tailored bed skirt can become a very demanding accessory. In most rooms the busy edges of the bed are a distraction and add clutter, but they can be a lovely addition to an elegantly shabby or English country design.